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  • What is Community Personal Training?
    Community Personal Training combines the best aspects of personal training and a small group class. You will receive individualized exercise program designed to help you reach your goals and experience a fun and exciting team environment each session to keep you motivated.
  • What should I expect during my Community Personal Training sessions?
    You can expect EASE and EFFICIENCY. In your individual pod, you will have our app and a trainer guiding you through your workout, all of the equipment you need to maximize efficiency, and a supportive, fun community.
  • What is the Anthos Process?
  • Why do you require an app during training sessions?
    We deliver your exercise program via our app. It improves your training experience because It tracks your workout progress You're able to use the app outside of the club It makes it very easy to follow your training program in and outside the gym
  • Do I need to have any training experience to work out at Anthos?
    No! At Anthos, we learn your goals, exercise history, any previous injuries, and assess how you naturally move in order to provide a safe and effective exercise program for your current fitness level.
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