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Best Personal Training in Hyde Park Chicago

Co-Founder + Company Director


Hometown: O’Fallon, Illinois, aka O-Town!! 

What attracted me to fitness: I hired a personal trainer to prepare for a national Taekwondo tournament. He had the most annoying laugh, but it was a great experience. Before training with him, I suffered from chronic knee pain for 13 years. After working with him for four months, my knee stopped hurting. This inspired me to learn more.

What’s important to me: Family, friends, mentoring/giving back, and maintaining my health.

Top Interest: Learning, traveling, dancing (I'm starting to find my swagger in salsa class), biking, sports, anime, music, hanging out with family and friends, etc. 

Fun Fact: I got a Master’s Degree in Taekwondo from Yong-In University in South Korea. I lived there for three and a half years and stayed in the school dorms (we had to sleep on bunk beds, but at least I got the bottom bunk).


Co-Founder + Director of Performance + Adjunct Professor

Hometown: Houston, Texas

What attracted me to fitness: My love for fitness sprung from my high school PE teachers. I couldn’t think of anything that could possibly be better than staying active and leaving such a positive impact on students. After college, that quickly developed into an idea to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. And then once I learned how much of a positive impact I can make in someone’s life through training, I was hooked and never looked back. 

What’s important to me: My family (including my two, wild and crazy little ones), mental and physical health, helping others, living a life of fulfillment.

Top Interests: Too many! I love rugby, sneakers, searching for Chicago’s best burger, traveling, music, art, time with friends and family, making enemies draw 16 in an Uno game, and so much more.

Fun fact: My YMCA bus driver (that looked like Otto from the Simpsons) taught me how to backflip in the third grade. 

Best Personal Training in Hyde Park Chicago


Personal Trainer

Best Personal Training in Hyde Park Chicago

Hometown: Chicago (Wicker Park)

What attracted me to fitness: Growing up, my mother always encouraged my siblings and I to be active and take part in organized sports. However, it wasn't until I sustained an injury that required me to do physical therapy when I realized the importance of fundamental movements and strength training. This introduced me to athletic training, and from there I fell in love with corrective exercise. This created a desire in me to help people stay active, while educating them on correct movement patterns, and thus helping others create lifestyle changes.

What’s important to me: Mental and physical health, family and friends, my headphones (commuter so I need entertainment on the go), my two fur babies that are no longer with us but will forever be in my heart.

Top Interests: Any outdoor summer activity, dancing like no one's watching, shopping and hiding the evidence​.

Fun fact: I taught myself how to swim when I was 11, but don't ask how good I am at it.

Best Personal Training in Hyde Park Chicago


Personal Trainer

Hometown: Chicago (Andersonville!), IL 

What attracted me to fitness: I was first exposed to the benefits of a strength program when I played soccer in college. I saw results in my strength, movement quality, and how I looked in the mirror. I immediately got hooked on the training process and I knew I wanted to impact the lives of clients to help them achieve their goals and improve their health.

What’s important to me: Family, friends, and health.

Top Interests: Sports, traveling, local coffee shops, Netflix shows, and shoes (I love Jordans!).

Fun fact: I am the go-to dog sitter for family and friends!


Member Experience

Hometown: Chicago, IL (Eastside)

What attracted me to fitness: Growing up, I was always playing sports so I was never shy to fitness.  My attraction to fitness grew because I love to achieve results! Reaching my fitness goals motivated me throughout my athletic career.

What’s important to me: Family, friends, making the people around me happy.

Top Interests: Anime, gaming, music, reality tv, hanging out with friends/family.

Fun fact: I play flag football!

Best Personal Training in Hyde Park Chicago
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