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FIRST, we learn about who you are as a person and assess how you naturally move.

NEXT, we teach you how to properly move to ensure you’re not limiting your results.

THEN,  we create a personalized program based on your capabilities and goals so that you achieve a new level of fitness you never thought you'd be able to obtain.

Best Personal Training in Hyde Park Chicago

At Anthos, we provide you with a systematic program to guarantee you results.

Best Personal Training in Hyde Park Chicago

It's Safe


There is no guessing at Anthos. Our training is rooted in science and backed by years of experience. We sit you down for a strategy session where we learn about your goals, training likes/dislikes, injuries, and assess your movement. After the strategy session, you will join two community personal training sessions to get the full experience of our training.  

We don't throw you into workouts without knowing your capabilities. We ensure that you master all of the foundational movements, then we safely promote you to advanced movements. Because you will know how to move, the chances of injury and pain during exercise are drastically reduced.

Designed For You

The program is based on what’s best for you. It isn’t some cookie cutter, one size fits all, Instagram workout that doesn’t take into consideration your individual needs.

We put you on a schedule to help make sure that you stay consistent. Consistency breeds the best results. 

Our Community Holds You Accountable


COMMUNITY PERSONAL TRAINING: You perform personalized workouts unique to your personality, goals, and movement patterns in a dynamic, team environment.

REMOTE TRAINING: You access your personalized program via mobile app when you’re at home or on the go.

Best Personal Training in Hyde Park Chicago
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